Sunday, October 27, 2013

...and I'm a Mormon.

How many of you have seen those ads for the Mormon church--the ones with really hip people who talk about their hobbies, families, and careers, and then conclude with the statement, "and I'm a Mormon?"  (If you haven't, check some out here, here, and here.)

I'm probably not cool enough to be featured in one of those ads, but I too am a Mormon. My ad would probably be something like this: "My name is David. I'm a single guy in Vegas, but I practically never go to the strip. My idea of fun includes spending time with family, playing racquetball, discussing education reform with friends, learning Spanish, and enjoying a game of Catch Phrase (which, strangely enough, is not that popular in casinos).  I currently  teach 7th grade ELA at a Title 1 school...and I'm a Mormon."

I decided that I wanted to keep a blog about my life and what it's like being a Mormon in Vegas. I hope this can be a forum for sharing a bit about my religious activities and spiritual experiences and for answering questions about my faith. So, on one hand, it will simply be a kind of journal for myself--a reminder of how I've glimpsed God's hand in my life. On the other hand, it will be a channel of communication for anybody interested in Mormonism, religion in general, and/or the way faith can influence and inform our actions and decisions.


  1. Looking forward to your thoughts.

  2. I think you're worthy of going on those ads! You're hip!